Find Out Why Your Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out (And What to Do About It)

Light bulbs that keep burning out are some of the common electrical problems you may have in your home at some point. Replacing your bulbs every time they burn out can be a waste of your money, especially if they do so frequently. Therefore, the best approach to this problem is to identify the cause and fix it. With that in mind, here are some of the major culprits and their potential solutions.

Find Out Why Your Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out (And What to Do About It)

The Bulbs Are Fitted Improperly

Improper fitting of your light bulbs is one of the major reasons they will burn out frequently. Therefore, if you fix your bulbs on your own, you may want to a be a little more careful next time you do it. You only need to ensure that there’s good contact between your light bulbs and the light fixtures. If you screw your bulbs in too tightly, they may soon burn out. Your light fixture or socket has a brass tab inside that transmits the power to your bulb. If you use too much force when fixing your light bulb, you can bend the tab, pushing it farther up the light socket. Consequently, arcing (ongoing electrical discharge) between your bulb and the tab will occur and this can cause the bulb to wear out quickly. If you have needle nose pliers, you can use it to gently pull the tab back into position. However, make sure your mains electricity is switched off first before you attempt this. If you are not comfortable doing this on your own, leave the task to your electrician.

The Bulbs Are Subjected to Excessive Vibrations

Excessive vibrations may originate from fixtures such as wobbly ceiling fans. Vibrations will jiggle the bulb’s filament, leading to a shorter bulb life. Fixing the ceiling fans is one way to deal with this problem. You can also invest in LED lights that don’t have filaments.

The Bulbs Are Overheating

Too much heat can also cause your light bulbs to burn out frequently. This is usually a major concern if you have covered or recessed light fixtures. The build-up of heat inside the light fixtures can result in your bulbs burning out. Fortunately, there are quick fixes to this problem. First, you can consider larger globes on your recessed or covered light fixtures. The larger globes will allow the excess heat to dissipate, preventing your bulb from burning out. You can also replace the bulbs with lower-wattage ones. If this doesn’t do the trick, then think of switching to larger fixtures instead.

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Do You Have an Electrical Grounding Problem in Your Home? Find Out

Electrical grounding plays a crucial role when it comes to electrical safety in your home. It’s a connection between your home’s electrical system and the ground. This physical and direct connection allows for the safe passage of any misdirected and excess electricity onto the earth, preventing electrical hazards in your home. However, a few electrical problems down the line can compromise the proper functioning of your electrical grounding system. To prevent electrical catastrophes that may result from such occurrences, it would be imperative to know when your home’s electrical grounding is faulty so that it can be rectified early enough. Below are the signs to watch out for.

Do You Have an Electrical Grounding Problem in Your Home? Find Out

Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks are the most obvious and common signs of a grounding problem. You may experience small shocks when you touch metallic electrical fixtures such as wall outlets, switches, and electrical extensions. You may also feel these shocks when you touch metallic objects such as ductwork, wires, and water pipes that are connected to your home. The electricity that is flowing through a circuit has to find a path to the ground. If your electrical grounding is faulty, the excess or misdirected electricity will have to find a different path. Therefore, when you touch an electrical component connected to that circuit, you will act as the alternative path. While the shocks are usually not enough to do considerable damage, they can be very dangerous, especially if you are standing on a wet surface. Therefore, call an electrician as soon as possible when you experience electrical shocks around your home.

Dimming Lights

An interference in the passage of electricity to the ground can cause your lights to dim. Your lights may only dim slightly but they may become dimmer when you switch on a relatively large appliance such as a heater. However, keep in mind that dimming of lights is also an indicator of other electrical issues such as faulty wiring or electrical circuit overload. Contact an electrician immediately because you may be dealing with more than one electrical problem.

Increased Energy Bills

An increase in your energy bills at the end of the month can be attributed to a range of issues including a fault in your electrical system and faulty appliances such as electric water heating systems and air conditioning systems. However, if all your electrical fixtures and appliances are functioning properly and your energy bills are high, chances are you have an electrical grounding problem, especially if you have already noticed the above two signs. Grounding problems, especially where a short is created as a result of the contact between an exposed hot wire and the grounding wire, can allow for the continued and uncontrolled flow of electricity to the ground, causing wastage.

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Prompt and Reliable Electricians for Repairs, Installations and Troubleshooting

Electricity plays an integral role in keeping your homes habitable. However, electrical faults do happen, and when they hit, they may mess up the once enviable electrical installation in your home. In such a situation, the last thing you would like in your home is clueless and unreliable electrical technicians. It is not only risky, but also an unwelcome money pit, which will burn a hole through your wallet and cost you valuable appliances. Your electrical systems and appliances deserve exquisite workmanship, which our reliable electricians will deliver.

Prompt and Reliable Electricians for Repairs, Installations and Troubleshooting

Enter A to Z Electric, an electrical services firm, which is armed with well-trained and highly skilled personnel, who will gladly address your home’s electrical problems. Our electricians  address the following:
•    Swimming pool electrical systems
•    General Wiring disconnections
•    General electrical diagnosis and repairs
•     Panels and outlet replacements
•    Electrical circuit capacity evaluation.

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We provide prompt and top-notch electrical services to our esteemed clients. Our technicians have been trained towards giving safe and reliable service on all electrical issues in your place. If a new appliance installation is giving you a hard time, or when your old and trusted appliances begin sending all the wrong signals, our electrical technicians will help you solve them and restore them to optimal working conditions.

Some appliances require regular service and checkups, and our electricians have mastered creative problem-solving, and thus, they excel where other electricians have failed.

Our premier customer service ensures that we get an electrical technician to your doorstep in the shortest time possible, and securing our services is just one call away. Additionally, should your needs oscillate around a brand-new building which needs electrical installation, getting a quotation, and the right personnel assigned to your project is a breeze.

Waiting times may often brush people the wrong way, especially in residential settings where an electric fault, or a blown up appliance may halt basic operations like cooking, laundry, refrigeration and entertainment. We have solved this by upping our same-day service.

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Ideas for Light Switches in the Home

Anytime you walk into your home at night, the first thing you do is switch on the lights. You may not think too much about what the light switch looks like as long as it is working.

However, light switches play a very important role in the home and can serve as excellent utility and decorative features. There are many different types of light switches in the market for homeowners to choose from. Electrical contractors can help you explore unique designs and features that can turn a plain home into a comfortable haven. Here are several light switch ideas for the home.

Ideas for Light Switches in the Home

Standard light switches

The standard types of light switches are the ones you’re probably most familiar with. They consist of the basic on-off design, where you flip the switch on/off to control the lights. They work on the basic principle of completing/cutting an electric circuit. When the switch is turned on, the circuit is completed and the lights turn on. When the switch is turned off, the circuit is broken and the light bulbs turn off.

There are many different variations of standard switches, such as single-pole, double-pole and three-way switches. What distinguishes one type of standard switch from another is the amount of electric current it carries. For example, a double-pole switch is capable of connecting to a circuit of 240 Volts and it contains a grounding cable that eliminates the build up of electrical current within the switch itself.

Push button switches

To add a unique touch to the home, you can have electrical contractors install push button switches. These light switches work by turning the lights on/off when you push a button.

In some designs, a spring is present within the light switch and the electrical circuit is either interrupted or completed based on the position of the spring mechanism. Push button switches offer a unique way of operating the lights in your home.

Light Dimming Switches

If you desire more control over how you operate your lights, light dimming switches are an excellent option. They allow you to vary the extent of brightness that each bulb has in the room. Using either a circular control lever or a series of buttons, you can set the brightness to varying levels. They are more useful than the simple standard switches that simply turn on/off.

Dimming switches are useful for bathrooms, where you may want a dimly lit space as you shower, or children’s rooms where they may be afraid of total darkness at night.

Automated switches

Advancements in technology have led to electrical contractors installing automated switches. These light switches contain sensors that can detect when someone walks into a room, automatically turning the lights on. If no movement is detected for some time, the lights automatically turn off. They are excellent options for energy efficiency within your premises.

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Tips for properly maintaining your electrical equipment

Electricity is the main power source that keeps our electrical equipment functioning on a daily basis. More homes are utilizing different types of electrical appliances, making the need for electrical repairs more prevalent. Many homeowners utilize electrical equipment without paying attention to basic safety standards. For example, overloading electrical cords, sockets and plugs is always a common cause for the home’s electric system to blow down. Extreme cases can also lead to damage to equipment and the occurrence of electrical fires.

It is therefore important for homeowners to implement strategies for maintaining their electrical equipment, including seeking electrical repairs whenever necessary.

Here are several tips that homeowners can use to maintain their electrical equipment and keep them working for longer.

Tips for properly maintaining your electrical equipment

Checking electrical cords

You should regularly keep an eye on your electrical cords to make sure they are in good shape. Since they carry electrical current from the outlet to your equipment, electrical cords can be a vulnerable component.

Make sure your cords are not running across open doorways or underneath carpets. If you notice damaged electrical cords, seek electrical repairs as soon as possible.

Don’t use too many extension cords

Extension cords are primarily designed for temporary use. All too often, homeowners buy multiple extension cords to use all over the home. This can be an electrical hazard to you and your property.

If you need more electrical outlets, call an electrician to install them in your home, as opposed to overusing extension cords.

Check for overheating of outlets and switches

If you notice that your outlets and switches are constantly getting overheated, this could be a sign of faulty wiring in your electrical system. You should treat such a problem urgently by calling in an electrician to carry out the necessary electrical repairs. Overheating outlets are a common cause of electrical fires in homes.

Use one heater per outlet

Another common mistake made by homeowners is to plug multiple space heaters into one outlet. Space heaters, coffee makers, toasters and other similar appliances draw a lot of electrical current in order to produce heat. Plugging in more than one device at a time can cause the breaker to trip or the outlet to become damaged.

Seek an electrician for all the professional work

You should avoid carrying out complex electrical work in your home as much as possible. Leave complex electrical repairs to a qualified electrician. They have the skills and expertise to identify problems with your electrical equipment and how to repair them in a safe and efficient manner.

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