Electrical Panel Upgrade in The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

These days, new homes are built with a standard of 200 amps of electrical service. Of course, every homeowner’s needs are different. Homeowners with smaller properties or electrical loads could get away with a 100-amp panel, but larger households with greater electrical needs may have to have a 400-amp panel in place.

We typically find that there are a few circumstances that necessitate a panel upgrade:

  • Your home is older and was not built with the now-standard 200-amp panel.
  • You are installing an air conditioner, electric vehicle charging station, or hot tub.
  • You are finishing your garage or putting on an addition to your home.

Regardless of your exact situation, if you need to upgrade your electrical panel in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, A to Z Electric can take care of it. The cost of a panel upgrade depends mostly on how much total electric power your property will require. At A to Z Electric, we always do what we can to keep our prices affordable while providing quality services.

Why Upgrade Your Panel?

An electrical panel upgrade can be expensive, but many homeowners who have had it done agree that it’s money well spent. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect after you upgrade your panel:

  • Better Safety: Older panels can quickly become overloaded, leading to blown fuses and tripped breakers. An upgrade ensures your home’s electrical panel has the necessary capacity to power your home.
  • Better Functionality: Upgrading makes it less likely that using your favorite technology and devices will overload your panel.
  • Better Efficiency: Modern panels are far more energy-efficient than they used to be. Depending on the age of your home, an upgrade could pay for itself over time with energy bill savings.
  • Better Value: A panel upgrade can make your home more valuable and help you command a higher price when it’s time to sell.
  • Peace of Mind: You can rest easy knowing your home and family have the optimal electrical panel for their needs.
make your home MORE EFFICIENT

Comprehensive Electrical Services

Why Choose A to Z Electric For Panel Upgrades?

  • Expert Electricians: Our team has the skill and experience to handle any electrical issue.
  • Focus on Safety: We prioritize safety, no matter what the job entails.
  • Energy Efficiency: We’ll ensure you’re not spending too much on your utility bills.
  • Satisfied Customers: We won’t consider your job complete until you tell us it is. We never cut corners and always seek quality.
  • Open & Clear Pricing: Our pricing is upfront and straightforward, with no hidden fees or underhanded tactics.
  • Efficiency in Work: We work quickly and never overstay our welcome, allowing you to return to doing what you love!

Make The Most Of Your Home With A Panel Upgrade

No matter why you need one, you can always count on A to Z Electric for reliable and affordable panel upgrades. We ensure everything is done correctly, putting safety first at every stage of the process. We’re always available to answer any questions you may have. If you have an older home, are adding to your current home, or are planning to put in a swimming pool, let us take care of the panel upgrade you’ll need. Get the very best electrical service in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Contact A to Z Electric for a free quote on your panel upgrade!