Pool Heaters: Everything you Need to Know

The seasons are changing, and summer is fast approaching. You’re probably ready to pull back your pool cover in time for the hot season. While summer will be short-lived, you don’t have to spend a short time enjoying your pool. Pool heaters are the deal. You can easily extend your swimming season by months, depending on where you live. If pool heaters are a foreign concept for you, then you may have questions like:

  • Will the pool heat up like a Jacuzzi?
  • Can I use the pool in winter?
  • Will it be safe?

These queries are all valid. Here are some facts about pool heaters that will hopefully answer all that:

Pool Heaters: Everything you Need to Know

Pool Heaters Work like your Swimming Pool Water Filter

Regular maintenance is essential whether you occasionally use your pool or cover it from summer to summer. One way to clean your pool is using a water filter. The filter works by channeling water through a strainer, which goes back into the pool. Pool heaters work similarly. All models work the same way. Pool water is taken from the pool, passed through the heater, heated then filtered back into the pool.

There are Three Types of Pool Heaters: Electric, Gas, and Solar

Gas Heaters- this can be a great option if you can access affordable natural gas. However, gas emissions are harmful to the environment, but they work quickly and are available all year.

Solar Heaters- these are cost-effective but have limitations. They work best if you live in a sunny area.

Electric Heaters- also known as heat pumps, are a more eco-friendly option. They use electricity to heat your pool and are way cheaper to use. They also have a longer shelf-life; you’re good to go as long as you have power.

Pool Heater Installation

Now that you know how pool heaters work, you should partner with A to Z Electric, Inc. We have a team of skilled electricians with extensive experience in pool heater installation. Contact us today for a seamless experience at a price that won’t break your bank.

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