Common Reasons Your Breaker Might Be Tripping

Breakers frequently become overloaded when there’s too much electricity flowing through it. This is especially true in older homes. Flipping it back on is the easy part, but this doesn’t solve the problem of why it’s tripping in the first place. So how do you solve the problem? Here are a causes that your breaker might be tripping.

Common Reasons Your Breaker Might Be Tripping

Appliances Can Overload the Breaker

There are a number of reasons that an appliance can trip the breaker. First, it might be drawing too much power. With a larger appliance such as stoves, washing machines and more can all make this happen. Having too many appliances running at once will cause the breaker to overload and trip, on top of this. Another issue is that there might be a point in the wiring that’s faulty. Any issue with an appliance should be handled with care. There is always a chance of shock, making it dangerous to work with.

Short Circuiting

A short circuit is a shorter path for electricity to flow through that leads to an overload of energy being delivered. This may not seem obvious at first on why it’s short circuiting, but it can be caused by any number of issues by nature (water, trees, etc.) or any object that completes a shorter path. If you can’t find the cause, calling a professional will help solve the issue quickly.


Completing a circuit by grounding is extremely dangerous. This is caused by anything that conducts the flow to the ground, including yourself. Breakers that experience this can catch fire and cause untold damage. Breakers that don’t meet standards for grounding are more prone to this happening. Having an electrician check if you have a GFCI, Ground Fault Circuit interrupter, will ensure you are protected.

If you need a professional to check why your breaker keeps tripping in the Dallas area, AtoZ Electric is ready to help. We care about our customers’ satisfaction and can do the same for you. Don’t wait for more damage to the breaker to occur, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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