The Top 8 Reasons to Call An Electrician

How often do you conduct a routine electrical maintenance in your home? Usually, homeowners or residents pay attention to electrical issues after the damage has occurred.
Do you know that electrical fault is the leading cause of residential fires, and short circuits are the leading cause of 51% of electrical fires?
In this era, an electrical appliance dominates your space, which makes your life simpler. Go a day without electricity, and your life will come to a halt. Be it on hot summer days or freezing winters.

The Top 8 Reasons to Call An Electrician

The top 8 Reasons to Call An Electrician
DIY home repairs might seem like a great way to save money and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Well, changing a bulb can make one.
However, some electrical diagnostics and repairs are better left to professional electricians because they can lead to property loss or death.
Here are reasons to call an electrician to address critical electrical problems:

1.    Tripping Circuits
Suppose you find yourself constantly resetting your breakers, without any power overload on your outlets, like once every day or twice per week, call an electrician. It’s a sign of a critical issue that requires attention.

2.    Flickering lights
A flickering light can mean a loose bulb or faulty electrical wiring. If a light dims or gets brighter over time, call an electrician.
Always make observations and note when flickering lights occur. If the occurrence is at a specific time every day, it could be power grid overload. If it occurs when using other appliances, call an electrician.

3.    Electrical Shocks
Are you getting shocked when in contact with the power outlets? It could mean broken cords, unstable current or damaged circuits. Call an electrician to avoid electrocution and house fires.

4.    Warm Outlets
Warm power outlets, switches or electrical systems are always a sign of overheating in the electrical systems. It’s a looming danger, for they can spark a fire at any moment.
Look out for discoloration and blackening on the wire ends and switch plates. It’s a sign of sparking which poses a critical safety hazard.

5.    Burning Smell
Is there a burning smell of rubber in the house? Can you figure out where the smoke is coming from? First, turn off the power supply to the house and call the fire department. Call a professional to conduct a thorough inspection of your home.

6.    Buzzing Sound
Buzzing sound from your walls could mean looming danger from loose terminals or serious wiring issues. Do not be tempted to tear down the walls, and they are not bees. Call a professional to carry out an inspection.

7.    High Electric Bill
Call an electrician to conduct an audit if your power bills shoot up with no additional appliances or hike in power bills. A faulty system is the cause.

8.    Old Houses
If you’re moving to an older house, call a professional to conduct an inspection. Most old houses have worn out wiring systems which could pose imminent danger.

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